Welcome to Carl Rittiman & Associates. Our team are experts in design, installation, inspection, and maintenance of On-Site Wastewater Disposal Systems and are licensed septic system designers and contractors. Our combined 75+ years of experience is what motivates us to remain current with all new aspects of technology and regulation with regard to On-Site Wastewater Disposal Systems and Septic Service.

Why Work With Us?

We navigate through the bureaucracy to efficiently fulfill the process of addressing your On-site Wastewater Disposal System needs to ensure your project’s success. Our specialties are rooted in Mendocino County soils, focusing specifically on wastewater disposal systems.


“It starts with the soil.”

Carl A. Rittiman
Certified Professional Soil Scientist

Andrew Kawczak

Chris Stevens


For new project inquiries, general questions, commercial projects, and regulatory assistance, please email Andy at: andy.carlrittiman@gmail.com

For immediate maintenance service needs, please email our team at: maintenance@carlrittiman.com

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